Call your parents

So listen.

I’ve been sitting here for about an hour, trying to come up with something for tonight’s blog. I’m not feeling particularly funny, because I went to a funeral today to support a good friend and his family, and there’s just nothing funny to be found in that.

And to be honest, I’ve already written a very serious post. I was just about to publish it. But then I deleted it.

The main themes were solid. Call your parents. Call your friends. Tell everyone you love them. But then it veered too maudlin. By the end, I was basically exhorting people to call that one guy they sat next to on a plane one time and exchanged LinkedIn information with but never contacted again just to make sure he knew he was appreciated.

It was very serious, and very sad, and very heartfelt. But it didn’t feel like me.

That’s not to say I’m some sort of cold-hearted monster. I have been known to set myself up in front of the computer and cry for hours at videos of soldiers being reunited with their dogs. I cry when bad things happen to my friends. I cry when good things happen to my friends. Once, I cried when a family won Family Feud, because they just seemed so happy, and it really seemed like they deserved it.

The Rodriguez family. I still think about them sometimes.

But I have always been terrible at unadorned, earnest declarations. No matter how I say them, nor how much I mean them, I always feel like they sound fake. So I overcompensate by making them even more earnest and meaningful, and suddenly I become the worst version of your college friend who was always rhapsodizing about the beauty of the sunset and trying to convince you to open your heart chakra.

Here is what I was really trying to say the first time around, before I let it get out of control.

Sometime today, even if it’s only for a minute, step out of the flow of your daily life. Forget about packing lunches or paying bills or your bad day at work, and just look around. Find the people that you love and make sure they know it.

You don’t have to be weird about it. I mean, I probably will, because as I’ve just established, I suck at these things. But you don’t have to be. And even if you think they already know it, just say it again. No one ever got tired of being told that they are loved (except this one guy I really had a huge crush on in school and he was just not having it).

…And you know what? I have written and erased the last paragraph here ten times already. It starts out okay, but then always devolves into this weirdly pseudophilosophical tangent about how life does not lie in the series of day to day tasks, but the small moments you have with the people you love the most. And then I threw up and no vomit came out, just a Hallmark card. So I’m going to stop now.

Call your parents. Call your best friend. Tell them you love them. You can skip the LinkedIn guy.



One comment

  1. A Darling Mother · March 2, 2016

    I loved this. Thoughtful, funny and the perfect thing to inspire me to have a fun day focusing on the ones I love instead of unpacking my cluttered new home.


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